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Remember, this is my shard.  While I do hope you enjoy your stay, and while I and my colleagues will do what we can to improve and maintain this shard, doing what we can so that all may enjoy themselves, plrease remember that this shard is after all free to you and neither I nor any of the GM's are obligated to anyone on this shard.  This is not a democracy and all interpretations of the "laws" are up to myself and the GM's.  Please follow the rules listed below and be aware of any additions/changes that may occur in the future.

GM's are here for support of the shard.  Please do NOT page them for frivolous requests or you may be ignored by them in the future when you truly do need them.  Remember the boy who cried wolf...

1.  AFK Macroing is allowed.  However, you must be in a secluded area, away from heavy spawn points such as towns or dungeons. Failure to follow this may result in dramatic skills reductions.

2.  1 house per person.  Failure to follow this may result in losing all property and contents therein.

3.  Abusing a GM is NEVER tolerated.  These people are volunteers after all.  Failure to follow this rule leaves you at the mercy of that GM. Remember, they have god like powers.

4.  Speed cheats, exploits, duplicating items are NEVER tolerated. 1 week jail time to expulsion from shard.  I hate cheats.

5.  Harassment of other players can result in Jail time to expulsion depending on my or the GM's mood at the time and the severity of the harassment.  I will not tolerate racial slurs or other hate statements.

6.  Res Killing - 24 hours Jail.  Loss of all fame.  10K fine to victim

7.  Player Vendors and Guild Stones must be on your "property".  I or the other GM's decide where the property line is.

8.  PVP - Not in towns or ANY mines (Buccs Den is the only exception).  While I wont stop PVPing, I am agains the idea of PVP as a reason for exhisting.  If your only here to PVP, you wont be here long.